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The e-fulfilment partner for online plant sales in Europe.

The potential for online plant sales in Europe is huge. Consumer demand continues to grow, but purchasing, packaging and shipping plants remains a challenge for webshops, retailers and marketplaces.

One Flora Group and Plantify Partners Europe (Royal Lemkes & Floréac) are pooling their expertise and, through the formation of Fulfilment Plants Europe, have decided to fulfil the potential of online packaging and shipping of plants for propagators, partners and customers through e-fulfilment. By means of an optimum logistics chain, we are committed to delivering our propagators’ plants through our fulfilment centre and our affiliated webshops, retailers and marketplaces to consumers throughout Europe.

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Fulfilment Plants Europe has the perfect fulfilment set-up for a successful partnership and scalable growth with European coverage for growers and all types of webshops, retailers and marketplaces. We are convinced that online plant sales can be successful through cooperation.

We invite you to join.

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